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  1. TV より:

    Excellent work.
    Your videos have changed lives.

  2. 雲来三琴 より:

    I am a big fan of you!

    I was astonished by your work, Anger, and could not sleep at that night. I think that all your works have their own powerful emotions, and that all the people will be impressed with your songs and movies.

    Frankly speaking, I spent one year preparing for entrance examinations after I left high school.
    I was so lonely and suffered from studying, but thanks to your songs, I landed on my feet and made the best of my broken heart!

    I really appreciate you!

    I wish you success in your current endeavors!

  3. mark より:

    Just like to say that your new song genesis is very good
    as are all the songs and vids you have produced. keep up the good work .I wish you much success

  4. Marcin より:

    Thank you for producing “Anger”. It was among one of my first Vocaloid songs, but for sure it is the one I keep coming back to.

    Please never give up, you’re an amazing artist!

  5. Enos より:

    You’re amazing and I love your works. Anger and Nebula are embedded in my brain from the billion times I’ve played in my old MP3 Player. Thank you for your stunning and amazing works.
    Sending love from Brazil.

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