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[redshift render]solving noise texture artifact

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When expressing the surface of a metal, very small noise texture may be used.
If the size of the object relative to the screen is small, the noise texture on the surface is minimized. When animating it, it may appear as noise.
This phenomenon does not solve even if the reflection sample value of the texture is increased.
Improvement can be improved by setting Unified Sampling Max samples around 24 and Adaptive error threshhold value around 0.005.
Randomize pattern on each frame remains on.

この現象は、テスクチャのreflection sample値を高くしても解決しません。
Unified SamplingのMax samplesを24付近、Adaptive error threshhold値を0.005付近にすることで改善されます。
Randomize pattern on each frameはオンのまま。